Talisman 10.1

Talisman: Digital Edition, the classic adventure / fantasy board game from 1 to 6 players. This officially licensed version of the Games Workshop game applies the rules of the fourth revised edition. In Talisman, you embark on a perilous quest to reach the ultimate treasure, the Command Crown. To win the game, you must travel to the heart of the country to find the Command Crown, then use its ancient magic to cast a powerful spell that will subdue all your opponents.
+ Game under official license of Games Workshop using the rules of the fourth revised edition with official illustrations.
+ Diversify your games with other cards and characters available for purchase in the application.
+ Local multiplayer + turn+based mode.
+ Real+time online multiplayer mode from 2 to 6 players.
+ Play against AI characters in offline games.
+ Optional house rules included.

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